Arsenio: why performed I leave you for another woman?

Because I was sick and tired of your, Arcadia. Zero, maybe not sick, however, annoyed, which is, bored! Since your face bored me, while the existence had become good yawn. constantly an equivalent statements, a comparable food and sex the same exact way having twenty five years. No! Zero! A long time! Sufficient reason for a bonus. that you will be done, your wrinkled, that you’re dated!

It look at is like you to definitely shown from inside the Venezuela’s humorous tv shows where old women are the latest ass off jokes that evaluate them with the young counterparts; worrying you to, for their age, they can not vie to possess men’s affections more. The fresh dominant take a look at is that given that female age they become unsightly, boring and you will worthless. Given that Lucas tells Catalina, “prompt me the next day to convey a in order to look at the doctor. did you know that they provide hormonal so you can female your actual age?”

Ladies characters on the telenovela was exceedingly aware of that it cultural look at, and voice its views regarding your injustice regarding a culture into the hence males don’t ages, but girls manage. From inside the an empowering twist of one’s patch, Arcadia, scorned because of the their previous husband because of the girl many years, marries Daniel, a man 15 years young than their. Catalina, also ridiculed on her behalf age, marries Jacobo possesses an infant. Additionally, brand new like reports of Arcadia/Daniel and you may Catalina/Jacobo become lovemaking moments since the sexy and you can sensitive as the that from little lovers. Arcadia and you can Catalina’s reports validate center-old ladies in a society one to seems to have no have fun with for them.

Professionals, however, are ambivalent regarding the stories from Arcadia and you can Catalina. While they admit you to definitely “Venezuelan female become a number of stress once they begin ageing” (MIRIAM), of several did not accept of Arcadia’s and you may Catalina’s the dating. Young users also shown “disgust” with Arcadia and you will Daniel’s decades change (NELLY, ANDA, MARIA, CORINA, PATRICIA, NINA). Alternatively, females actors have been happy to pick these reports simply because they become enormous pressure so you can “stand thin and more youthful” inside a moderate one discards (otherwise relegates to additional opportunities) performers who do not search young: “if you look good and more youthful, then you can get some jobs” (age date, this type of stars do what must be done to keep their jobs, whether it’s cosmetic surgery, diet or get it done.

At the same time, Este Pais’ empowering reports throughout the middle-old females-Arcadia and you will Catalina-generate a blended response from the listeners: fulfillment regarding the means such girls overcome its problems, and you may disgust towards their brand new relationships

Within the share, while the anybody questioned recognize the Venezuelan obsession with beauty, lela while the embodiment from the obsession, and acknowledge the pressure they feel to look a, people become more amenable commit underneath the blade to compliment otherwise perpetuate its charm than simply he’s happy to fighting the hegemonic message you to beauty is the foundation out-of contentment.


This research shows the new relationships ranging from culture and you can news as internet regarding battle over definitions. Symbolic job is performed in just about any second of routine of community. Design, expression, title, usage and controls is actually underpinned of the Venezuelan cultural records (Condit, 1989), and you will absorbed inside a good patriarchy-controlled societal development that can be old-fashioned.

The procedure, namely the brand new exchanges anywhere between these times, is actually filled that have contradictions. As an instance, the author delivers a feedback off Venezuela’s addiction to real beauty and you will surgery treatment; however, the guy casts stunning females stars in the main jobs. This basically means, he shows role activities, nonetheless look like patterns. Hence, there can be a graphic support of the need to proceed through plastic material surgery as we watch the latest critique of such actions. Towards use top, listeners people easily deal with the telenovela’s feedback out of overuse regarding vinyl businesses, but still feel compelled to use these tips on their own. Put another way, the female interviewed, stars and you will audiences, recognize and buckle into stress from a culture where the necessity of ladies’ beauty are at mythical size. This suggests you to definitely for the majority factors, the mass media text faces issues whether it pressures really-based cultural principles.